IWBC Meeting 24 October 2020

10 members of Bike Marrickville, Bike Leichhardt and Ashfield Bike Group attended.

Topics discussed:

1. Summary of IWBC relationship to IWC, including Councillors, departure of CEO Michael Deegan, working relationship with IWC planning staff and traffic managers.

2. Discussion of reasons for IWC unresponsiveness to cycle infrastructure requests, including merger, staff changes, lack of capital funds and funding disparities between Ashfield and other former councils.

3. Update on latest cycle facility diversions (good and bad) around Rozelle Interchange.

4. Discussion on pothole repairs, confirmation that Snap Send Solve system is still working within IWC.

5. Discussion on ways forward to get central lane logo placements progressed around former Ashfield municipality.

6. Discussion and tips on how Bike Marrickville/Massbug achieved many small improvements by compiling a ‘Bike Works programme’ that was gradually diligently worked through by Marrickville council engineers with little knowledge of bicycle infrastructure provision. A good lesson in detail, diligence and persistence.

7. Discussion on ways to stimulate and facilitate cyclist requests, queries to council (and Councillors), including easy standard e-mails and ways of reaching and empowering more cyclists in the municipality.

8. Review of successes and setbacks in implementation of Pop-Up cycleways in City of Sydney and surrounding councils. Tips on how IWBC can get more action from IWC on Pop-Ups.

9. Discussion on the rationale behind cycle route planning in IWC municipality with regards to desire lines, trip generators, delivery riders routes and links to external council bike routes. The group agreed to look at routes that would capitalise on the emerging popularity of bikes during Covid for families, workers, e-bike riders, cargo bike riders and delivery riders.

10. The group started proposing cycle routes on a large map of the community. There were many suggestions in the former Ashfield which historically has had no bike plan. Other routes in the former Leichhardt and Marrickville were also proposed. Further work on this will be undertaken by the group taking into account current conditions, opportunities, previous bike plan routes and group members detailed knowledge of their areas.

The meeting was well attended and evenly represented by persons from all three former municipalities. New members contributions were appreciated.

Neil Tonkin
Advocacy Coordinator
Inner West Bicycle Coalition