Gateway Project Sydney Airport

Sydney Gateway Project.

This project is to build a new raised motorway connection to Sydney Airport, from the M7 across Alexandra Canal. The new road will cut the Alexandra Canal cycleway on east side of the canal, so the Gateway builders have had to relocate the path to the west side, then reconnect it to the east side further north. The gateway will also mean that Airport Drive will no longer exist, traffic to the airport will travel by the Gateway.

After a long campaign by bicycle advocates to get a good bike path to the Domestic Terminal for workers and passengers, Gateway were told by the State Government to provide a bike link to the Domestic Terminal from the canal. This has been agreed, but finding space next to the 6 lane motorway is apparently causing problems.

From the section on Pedestrian and Cycling Paths:

When Sydney Gateway is complete, you will be able to enjoy over three kilometres of new pathways which include:

  • a shared pedestrian and cycle pathway on the north side of the Alexandra Canal, to replace the current route on Airport Drive
  • a new connection from the existing Alexandra Canal shared path to the Domestic terminals.

We are working closely with Sydney Airport to find the best solution for the new route. While option analysis and design work is underway, working in the airport precinct is challenging.

Update January 2023. Sydney Airport has released an Active Transport Strategy, which includes the link to Domestic Terminal on the Gateway, and also some interesting links along the Canal from Coward St to Campbell St, under Rickety St bridge on the east side. If these get built access in the area will be greatly improved. Transport for NSW media release.

link to Active Transport Strategy