Bicycle NSW Elections

Annual election for BNSW Board is underway by electronic vote. Members will have received an email with how to vote instructions and candidate profiles.

IWBC has some serious concerns about governance of the present board and Neil Tonkin has released the following statement.

I would like to draw your attention to matters of concern taking place in the Bicycle NSW Board over the last year:
1. Poor Board governance, a culture of non-disclosure of Annual Reports, Board Minutes, activities of the Bicycle NSW Environmental Trust. These are not available to members or on the website.
2. Strategic Plan and Policy undeveloped and undisclosed.
3. Minimal information on Board engagement with State Government. BUG’s need to know what the state advocacy organisation is doing to engage with government so we can be a unified force.
4. Poor workplace productivity resulting from a culture of secrecy and interference in day to day running.
5. Board preoccupation with the mergers of racing cycling organisations, which are focussed on seeking government funding for elite sport. Bicycle NSW’s main purpose is to advocate for improved cycling conditions for all people who cycle for reasons of health, environment and social equity. The two organisations are very different and Bicycle NSW has a registered charity status that the sporting organisations do not.
6. The Covid pandemic has provided a unique opportunity for Bicycle NSW to capitalise on the move to substantially provide for and promote of active transport. We have no evidence to suggest the Board has pivoted to embrace this opportunity and actively engage with state government to ensure the organisation and its members benefit from this game changing event.

We have the opportunity to influence a change in culture of the organisation by the election of two (2) highly qualified Board candidates.
I recommend that you vote for:
John Hawkins
Paul Oosting
Please do not hesitate to distribute this to any other Bicycle NSW members.

Kind regards

Neil TonkinAdvocacy Coordinator

Inner West Bicycle Coalition