Bicycle Working Group

Inner West Council set up a Bicycle Working Group, where cycling groups and residents can meet to discuss cycling policy and issues. It has met roughly every 4 months. Agendas and minutes are on the Council website, search for Bicycle Working Group.

The meeting on March 10, 2022, discussed a first draft of Council’s Bicycle Strategy and Action Plan. Notes of the meeting by Neil Tonkin are here.

The draft Strategy was approved by Council for public exhibition on the 24 October, and is now up on the Council Yoursay page. Please have a look and make comments. All in all, IWBC believes the document is a good Strategy, but the Action part is going to be the hardest- actually getting the Strategic Routes that are in the Map (fig 1) implemented.

Note that the Strategic Routes shown (pale blue) are not a complete network, but a new selection of cycleway possibilities that Council thinks is achievable. These will have to be extended and connected up with more, as Council gains experience and confidence in design and construction, but also in dragging the public along with it. There is bound to be opposition to the fairly radical (in some minds anyway) idea of bike lanes or paths along streets like Marion or Balmain Rd.