Inner West Council Elections 4 December 2021

IWBC contacted all candidates or their parties to see what their policies are in relation to improving cycling conditions in the Inner West.

We sent them an information document on the benefits of cycling, which included our policy recommendations.

We asked them three questions:

1) What do you see as the key benefits of Active Transport in the Inner West?;

2) Do you support a safe and connected bike network that women and children feel safe to use?;

3) What will you do to support walking and cycling in Council?

Candidates contacted for the various groups were:

Darcy Byrne, Labor- Balmain Ward
Mark Drury, Labor- Ashfield Ward
Philippa Scott, Labor-Stanmore Ward
Mat Howard, Labor-Marrickville Ward
Chloe Smith, Labor- Leichhardt Ward

Vic Macri, Marrickville Independents- Marrickville Ward
Pauline Lockie, Independent- Stanmore Ward
Jack Robertson, Community Independents- Balmain Ward
Julie Passas, Independent- Ashfield Ward
Vera-Ann Hannaford, Independent- Leichhardt Ward
Morris Mansour, Independent- Ashfield Ward
Peter Dixon, Community Independents- Ashfield Ward
Wenjie Zhang, Independent- Balmain Ward

Marghanita Da Cruz, Greens- Leichhardt Ward
Dylan Griffiths Greens,- Ashfield Ward
Kobi Shetty, Greens- Balmain Ward
Justine Langford, Greens- Marrickville Ward
Liz Atkins Greens-Stanmore Ward.

We have received the following replies as of 19 November 2021:



John Stamolis (Ind)

Pauline Lockie (Ind)

Pip Hinman (Social Alliance)

Jack Robertson (Ind)

Vera-Ann Hannaford (Independent)

For more on the elections see this Page

Results of Election

Labor did very well, with 8 councillors elected. They will have a majority on Council. They won the second positions out of 3 in three wards. Greens polled well in places but only managed 5 positions. Two Independents, John Stamolis and Pauline Lockie, got in.

The good news is that all councillors elected responded positively to our pre-election approaches. New Councillor Tim Stephens (Labor) is a commuter cyclist and a member of Dulwich Hill Bicycle Club. Phillipa Scott (Labor) is also a cyclist and daughter of Ross Scott, long time member of Bike Leichhardt. Mat Howard (Labor) is a member of Anthony Albanese’s electorate office and is keen on cycling, as well as being up on Active Transport issues. Kobi Shetty (Greens) rides a bike and ferries her children around in a cargo bike. Marghanita da Cruz (Greens) is very supportive of Active Transport and has served on the Traffic Committee. Last but not least, Pauline Lockie works in Clover Moore’s office and is very well versed in bicycle issues.

Please get in contact with your new councillors (listed on and congratulate them, and dont forget to mention cycling!