Have your say on the Greenway Missing Links

IWCouncil now says construction of the missing links, such as the underpasses of Parramatta Rd, Longport St and Old Canterbury Road, will start in late 2018. They are seeking comment on a Master Plan at www.yoursayinnerwest.com.au. This will go to Council for approval in mid 2018. Seems a time wasting process, since design work has been going on now for about a year since the funding was announced. WHy not just get on and build it?

More at www.greenway.org.au, though sometimes it isn’t very uptodate.

Inner West Council elections

Results of the elections on 24 September are that Darcy Byrne (Labor) has the mayoralty, after doing a deal with the Liberals and the independent Victor Macri. Labor won 5 seats and the Liberals 2. The Greens also won 5 seats but could only rely on two independents, John Stamolis and Jennie Lockie (Nowestconnex).

Labor promised during the campaign that there would be a $10 m “bike fund” for projects over the next three years, in addition to funding to complete the Greenway. The Greens promised $40 m for “active transport”. The Liberals were silent.

IWBC is calling for a quick resumption of bicycle planning and construction, with adequate staff to do the work. There is a fear that another round of reorganization and change may ensue as the new Council sorts itself out, leading to delays in getting vital bicycle infrastructure designed and built. Specialist bike planners are needed and we hope Council can build on the expertise already apparent amongst current staff.

We are also calling for a reconstitution of a Bicycle Advisory Committee, where residents can have a say on bicycle projects and programs. We hope a progressive will be appointed to chair the Traffic Committee and that a cycling representative will be appointed.