Have your say on the Greenway Missing Links

IWCouncil now says construction of the missing links, such as the underpasses of Parramatta Rd, Longport St and Old Canterbury Road, will start in late 2018. They are seeking comment on a Master Plan at www.yoursayinnerwest.com.au. This will go to Council for approval in mid 2018. Seems a time wasting process, since design work has been going on now for about a year since the funding was announced. WHy not just get on and build it?

More at www.greenway.org.au, though sometimes it isn’t very uptodate.

One thought on “Have your say on the Greenway Missing Links”

  1. A short-notice Council Greenway meeting was held on 18 January to discuss the route between Davis St and Constitution Rd (Section E of the Greenway). The choice was between routes on the east or west sides of the railway. Cyclists preferred the west side, as more direct and fewer squeeze points. IWEG, the bush care group, preferred the east side, as it didnt affect two bush regeneration sites on the west side. Council had to make a decision, as a developer on the east side was about to get going, and already had Council approval for a 2.5 m path, not now adequate in the view of the council, but a 3 m path would have required compensation to the developer. The western side path from Johnston Park to Davis St and Waratah Mills Light rail station seemed to stack up best on a number of criteria. The result of the meeting is not known yet.

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