2 thoughts on “Lilyfield Road Cycleway Submission”

  1. Special speed limit for cyclists west of James Street:

    I observed peak down-hill car and bike speeds on the steep section west of James Street over a number of hours during the evening peak and found that almost all cyclists were going faster than 40kph but only 1.7% traveled faster than 55kph compared to 19% of cars.

    55kph is 110% of the posted speed limit of 50kph and seems to me to be the upper bound of the Authorities tolerance of speeding. So it would seem that there is no justification for reducing the speed limit on account of cyclist speeds. This would also apply to the section of Lilyfield Road at the bottom of the hill where speed is washing off anyway.


    Visibility of both cars and cyclists is a problem at the three side streets and two laneways because of the angle of the side streets. We managed to get stop signs at the statutory 10m from the corner extensions but 10m on the up-hill side is really not enough. Fortunately most cyclists on this route have strong headlights and ride well out into the lane. If any parking was to be banned it would be parking on this up-hill section of Lilyfield Road, not the section west of Charles Street where the only side street is Canal Road which connects into the roundabout, has good site lines and is mostly cyclist traffic anyway.

    1. Bill,

      Removal of the few spots opposite Maliyawul St, which wouldnt affect anyone, and is to prevent car door crashes if cyclists have to or try to squeeze between right turning vehicles off LF Rd and the parked cars.

      Cyclists are often carrying a lot of speed onto the bridge path and they should wash off more speed than they do after about Charles St. its difficult to use any sort of speed humps for cyclists but some vibra lines might at least remind them to get below say 20 when they approach the roundabout, where cars and other cyclists sometimes do come out of Canal Rd or Malyawul St. A little speed reduction here better than the proposed bidirectional cycleway anyway.not proposing any special speed reduction for cyclists james St to Charles, except if they get 40 for the entire road for everyone.

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