IWC Community Strategic Plan

The CSP is an important document, updated every 5 years, that sets out Council’s aims and strategies for the future. It has goals and targets that Council must strive to meet. IWBC has written a submission to the CSP and has made suggestions for targets for building bicycle infrastructure. Previous targets were of the motherhood variety, like “are people satisfied” with progress. We have tried to make it more definite, such as “km of bike path constructed”.

Make your own submission on the latest CSP on under “Our Inner West 2036”. Strategic Direction 2 is the most relevant. Outcome 2.6 is where targets can be suggested.

IWBC has suggested :

“KM of bicycle network completed,

improvement in perception of cycling safety,

increase in bike trips,

increase in mode share of cycling trips to schools,

Number of bike parking racks installed.”

Feel free to add your own targets, and let us know, its not that easy to come up with effective ones.

Note added December 2023:

The latest CSP has an important policy in it that says Council will prioritise walking and cycling over private cars. See section 2.6.2 . If only they put this in to practice!