Parramatta Road Urban Improvement

In preparation.

Parramatta Road Urban Improvement- latest in attempts to “revitalise” Parramatta Rd once Westconnex diverts motor traffic- assuming it does.

Integrated Transport Plan recommends bike path on Parramatta Rd. Inner West Council has changed its tune and recommends a bike path on one side of the road.

GETS versus Buses or Trams. Trackless trams are flavour of the month, but not everyone is convinced. They would leave the kerbside free for bike riders.

Dot Lane Saga – history of attempts to develop an East West bike route between Flood St in the west and Pyrmont Bridge Rd in the east, via Jarrett and Albion St.

Council gets $21 million for an Active Transport and Urban Amenity Project along Parramatta Rd corridor. ( separate from the much larger Masterplan for development along the whole of Parramatta Rd).